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Flipping Our Script with Social Media

When we initially entered the social media world a few years ago as Adoption Reunion Search & Support, fellow adoptee related pages seemed to be rare. Today, it is amazing at the amount of accounts we can find amongst Facebook and Instagram. What once seemed absolute and hush hush is now a mainstream topic for our society, it has been quite the whirlwind experience to say the least! Adoptee’s voices finally have a platform to speak their truth and #flipthescript in the adoption world.

It once seemed intimidating to speak our minds and share our journeys. To the extent that we created alias accounts just so that we could share without feeling the wrath of society or even “loved” ones. We have listened to adoptees share how they now feel comfortable with having one account that shares every aspect of their lives without fearing judgment any longer. Though we understand it will never be 100% that way, it is still awesome to know our community has made such progress! Almost any type of support group you can imagine, exists for adoptees now. It is delightful to see the different support groups collaborate together for the common goal of growing adoptee’s platform and support system. Even podcast regarding adoption such as, Adoption Advocacy Podcast, can now be downloaded at any time and allow listeners to hear the different views and experiences of adoption. It just goes to show adoptee’s platforms of sharing their voice are endless now and we actually have the power to #flipthescript of adoption!

Friendships have formed through bonding over similar social media interests. By banding together over common interests and goals, it has aided in political progress of adoptees’ rights. We have seen petitions created and sent to the Senate as bills! Just this year, what started as a petition became New York’s “clean” bill (A5494 / S3419) which passed and will be in effect starting January 15, 2020, allowing adoptees access to their records in New York. We look forward to witnessing even more petitions turn into bills that support adoptee’s human rights. Especially the #adopteesrightsmatter petition that requests open records in every state, because every human being deserves the right to know who they are, and where they come from.

Countless resources are available at our fingertips thanks to social media and the growth our community has seen over the years. We have witnessed DNA testing company options continue to grow and even apps introduced. A recent app we have encountered is DNApal which allows oneself to have access to their DNA and assistance in understanding their DNA from the convenience of their phone. It gives us hope that one day DNA testing will be affordable for all, and easy for anyone to interpret so that even more connections can be made!

The amount of change that has centered around social media is incredible and truly gives us hope that by sharing our truth and supporting one another, we are capable of flipping the script with social media. What has occurred thus far is nothing less than a victory for humans all together, we can't wait to see what is ahead!


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