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Changing the Voice of Adoption

Our fellow comrades in adoption activism have all come to the same conclusion, the world has no clue what the face of adoption truly looks like. We have to make the public understand that "adoption" didn't just happen to us, it is something that we live with, painfully, every single day

of our lives. They have labeled us "adoptees" or "adopted" whatever words they use. We are human beings, but unlike others, we have been forced to live without the same voice as fellow humans. We are not the same. Let's just face the true facts.

We all need to rage against industries that have created an atmosphere of blind faith, and lies. No longer will we stand for being told how to think and speak about our own adoptions to prevent hurting anyone else who isn’t us! It is time we, adoptees, take control of the narrative. As Becca from mythsmisgivingsmadness states, “Adoptees are the experiencer. Everyone else just looks at the experience from the outside looking in. Time to listen to what the view is like from the inside.”

So here we are on our #adopteemovement continuing to work towards making changes every day. As we continue to make strides of opening records for all, we will be changing the terminology to fit OUR opinion from OUR experiences. If you do not agree with the words we use moving forward please take a moment to try and understand what the meaning behind the word is and why we choose the terminology that we do. If you want to chat about our reasoning, we are more than happy to talk because we understand it could be foreign to those on the outside looking in. The more we can educate the public, the more advocates we believe we will gain along this movement of change.

As Gandhi once said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” I mean after all - we adoptees need change more than ever now. Let's get going! Let's make some noise and make these changes - speaking out, writing, making contacts is what we ALL need to do. Jump on the bandwagon. #adopteesrightsmatter


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