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We Are All in This Together!

We all know what the word COVID-19 means now. How scary and awful is that? We hope that our ARSS community hasn't suffered any sickness or hardship, this Pandemic may have caused. We are, as the media says "all in this together"!

While all of us abide by our states order to "Stay at Home", now is a good time to take a breath of fresh air (6-10 feet from anyone), get away from the news, open your computer and .... start or continue your journey.

And while we are taking this "Stay at Home" order seriously, we have time in our day to make a difference in other ways, other than what we all have been doing and will continue to do in our home communities. Our ARSS community can also make a difference. Get on those computers, make your voices heard, remember #adopteesrightsmatter. Maybe your home town Mayors, and/or Governors and other elected officials are home quarantined and are in desperate need to read something different? To get caught up. Send our petition to them, your family and friends, share our blog, maybe even do some family genealogical research, explore your DNA. I know you've always wanted to know exactly how second and third cousins are related! There are plenty of things to do, because we know you've already cleaned your closets and garages!!

On a more serious note, we just want everyone to know we are here. Our team is all well. We want our ARSS community to be a place you can hide from COVID-19. Please make sure that you all are drinking plenty of water, getting outside and washing your hands. It's also essential that we keep our minds strong and exercised as well. Take care everyone, and remember "we are all in this together"!

-Cathy, ARSS Founder


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