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Guest Blog: Can You Start at the Beginning?

February 10, 2020

Guest blogger, Amanda Medina, shares her personal story as an adoptee and how she came to create an amazing platform, This Adoptee Life.  She believes in adoptees sharing their story, "...will help them (fellow adoptees) know that every single one of us has a story, has a voice and has the right to use our voice to tell our own story in our own way." Please note this is her personal story and we all have our own voice to share, please respect her journey she has chosen to share with us. Thank you :) 

Can you start at the beginning?


Most people can start their story at the beginning. Most people would start at birth and go, I was born this and this date, I was born at this and this hospital, weighing so and so much. My mother has told me I was born after that many hours of labor and that the birth was [insert words used by mother to describe her experience of the birth]. I had this much hair, I was this long and when newborn I would, and on and on it could go. Most has someone in their life who was present at their birth, or at least in the first few months of life. Most people can tell their birth story, can tell their family lineage, can tell their newborn stories, can tell their first couple of years of life, from having heard it told to them by someone present at the time. 


I cannot.