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NAAM - Let's NOT Celebrate!

November- known to some as "National Adoption Awareness Month (NAAM)". This month was originated to bring attention to children who were placed in state care who could be available to be adopted. But for adoptees, this is not a warm and fuzzy happily ever after scenario. It honestly wouldn't be so bad if this month was truly about us, ADOPTEES. But instead, this group chooses to promote the fact, that we adoptees have been separated, bought and sold, and taken from our first families. This is a loss for us, a win-win for them, and totally not a celebration. Not only were we systematically denied our unalienable rights, but both families - birth and adopted - entered this deed without our consent or knowledge (because we were not able at the time to speak up for ourselves), our birth certificates were sealed, our names changed, our original religion changed, they separated us from our siblings, and grandparents, Aunts & Uncles. How can these supporters of NAAM actually think this is a "celebration" of/for Adoptees? We have been systematically left out of the conversation. This has seriously got to change!

We need solutions as to how we can make the organizers of NAAM understand our thoughts and our feelings. Oh wait, they don't care! They don't want to hear what we have to say, or how we feel. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Right? And by the way, if I hear any of these 'organization' say ever again that these children are going to 'Forever Homes' - I will puke! Thanks for comparing us to how animals are referred when being adopted...they are going to FOREVER HOMES!



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