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Guest Blog: Too Many Babies in a Bed

July 29, 2019

Guest blogger, Mae Claire, from So Life Goes On,  shares the hapless experience most paper orphans encounter. This story exhibits how paper orphans are a form of trafficking and how these humans are born with no human rights. We all deserve the right to our records and be treated like a human! Please note this is her realistic fiction blog and we all have our own voice to share, please respect the story she has chosen to share with us. Thank you :) 

Her tiny eyes squint as the sun’s bright rays pierce through the make-shift window above her bed. “If only mom had tied the long daddy shirt a bit tighter on the other end, the sun would not wake me” her innocent mind thinks to herself. 


Her long arms, the length of a standard three month old Haitian baby stretch horizontally as her beautiful “just-woken up” legs reach upwards towards the sky. 


Another day for this child who is one-third of nine months. On her very left lay another soul, and if she were to move her precious head to her right, she would see another small human staring back at her. 


Three babies in this bed under the window where the sun’s glare and heat are not forgiving. 


The pungent smell of urine permeates the radius of the babies. The last time they had their diapers changed was two days ago. A faint dark cylindrical cloud can faintly be seen encircling the three small homosapians who had no choice in the matter.


Laying on their backs they realize it is time to wake up. 


There were only four women who would care for them. All 60 of them. Three, four and sometimes even five to a bed would kick and scream, and yawn, and whine ...and stretch. Only to be reminded they would not be held. Not today, not tomorrow ...not until the papers were finished and they were on a plane to God only knew.....but their mothers didn’t.


But they had moms. All of them. Even dads. They learned to self-soothe. 


Once the papers were filed and approved, maybe they would get lucky and be sent to a home where they would be carried, hugged and kissed. Maybe the people taking them would look like them.


Maybe their moms would come back to get them....if they knew they would be lost forever. 


Paper orphans are children who are in fact not orphans but are created into orphans through a number of ways. 


Parents who are too poor to care for their kids will place them in a home or an orphanage where the children will receive food, care and even an education. This institution was never initially created to give kids to others. Think of it as a boarding school, a place where middle and highschoolers live and attend school while their parents are going about their business. Like a boarding school, an orphanage has a purpose. To house and educate. But orphanages have turned into corrupt places where mothers and other family members are coerced into leaving their kids. 


Too often the pull is alluring. 


“My child will be fed. Well, I don’t have money to feed her right now so it will be a good thing.”


A childcatcher will approach the home and make empty promises they very well know they can’t keep.


“They will return to you. You know...when they are 18. They will come back. They will go to school and come back and help you pay for your home, or for the other kids in the home. Just sign here” a short balding religious man with strong facial expressions will say while handing her a pen. 


It looked as if he was uneasy at the task at hand.