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Why is My Father a Number?

We had such a great response from our ARSS Community with our sperm donor conceived conversation, that it warrants blogging about.

As an Adoptee I had never realized (until I read 'Inheritance' by Dani Shapiro) how much adoptees and donor conceived children have in common. There is a huge world out there regarding donor children and how they have had to navigate their world and I, as a fellow adoptee, feel we share a number of the same issues. I almost feel as though their journey and their struggles are overlooked, much like ours. There is a lot of new technology out there, and so much information on how to 'make' a baby, and what do you know, not much about their rights, and/or their own NEED to know who they are and where they come from. And once again, DNA will be the leading way for them as well. They are not just a number to us!

I thought for this blog that we would highlight a few of the groups, books, documentaries, and podcasts we have found and find truly insightful and relatable. I want to continue this important conversation, and of course we welcome feedback.

Excellent Groups:


Happy learning! Feel free to share your findings and/or thoughts with us!


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