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Changes: They Are A Comin'

We adoptees advocating change - are forging ahead. As we mentioned in our January blog, we are making some positive changes 'round here'!! We have shifted our focus a bit, to include more legislative, adoptee activism and advocacy. This is a great thing for all of us! And we are not alone.

Being an adoptee, activism has always interested me. I finally had a chance to be on my soapbox. When we started our website, Facebook page, and Instagram, and after putting in many hours, and lots of communications with other adoptees, it has been noted "We need a change"! Our world is changing, and we need to change with it. To quote Abhijit Naskar "The history of progress is the history of people who didn't follow rules"! Exactly, adoptees do not want to follow rules - "their" rules. Rules that have been made for us and about us. The choices, we didn't make, and were made for us. I think as a whole, we are over it!

Along with other advocacy groups, (adoptiontruth, and mythsmisgivingsmadness) we all are fed up, which was what kicked us in the pants to start moving. In being an advocate for equal rights for adoptees, we started our hashtag #adopteesrightsmatter, as part of our force. We feel that our rights have never been fully understood, and change is due. I mean, why are adoptees still treated as second class citizens, with less rights than pedigree dogs? We just don't get it. A few months back, we started a petition on and since that petition started, we have over 600 supporters. We are making strides, and if you haven't yet, please sign the petition here.

One place, we feel to make a good start, is to finally start changing the adoption "terminology". We need others to know, that some of the words used for us are not befitting anymore. For example: Adoption Triad. To quote Becca from mythsmisgivingsmadness, "There is no triad. A triad implies unity and equality". The term triad, is very skewed. One side serves the other, and we need to change this. Three amazing accounts (mythsmisgivingsmadness, thebumblingadoptee and changingadoption) have created an inverted Adoption Pyramid (see below), which they feel (and we agree) is more "reflective" of reality. They state "This unbalanced and inverted system (adoption triad as it stands now) literally creates infant adoption and 'orphans' overseas. Remove the brokers and the money, and make adoption about finding appropriate (educated, trauma aware and understanding) homes for children in true need for homes. No more triad. Adoption: the ultimate pyramid."

We feel this is the right time to team up with fellow adoptees to work together as one in making our voices heard. All of us agree that our adoptee world is full of injustices, and inequality. We do NOT support the capitalization of adoption, and how the power is unbalanced. We are striving to to make changes in the way society, treats and views adoptees, as we aim to educate those who still choose to call us chosen.

We bring this to the forefront, with our sisters and brothers in adoption to make these changes so that hopefully one day, very soon, not only we adoptees but others in the Pyramid, will see that adoptees rights DO matter, and that we adoptees will have the power to make our changes!

We need to do the right thing, and in the near future change the conversation, and that includes changing the words that are used in and around adoptees, first parents, and adoptive parents, and the list goes on. It is going to be a challenge to change a culture. But we WILL do it!

As this is also my birthday month, I would like to encourage all of you who have not, to please sign our petition and tag the following: #adopteesrightsmatter, #adoptiontruth, #adopteevoices, #adopteemovement. Won't you please join us and help us promote our stand?


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