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February Newsletter


And just like that, the first month of 2019 is over!! As 2018 winded down, we were amazed at what we have been able to accomplish, and what a growth driven, wonderful year we have had. We did so many unique things, we had so many “finds” and reunions. All of which was fantastic, however, it doesn't feel like it was enough, we want to do more. We feel we have a higher purpose, and we feel the time is right - right now to make some noise, to make our voices LOUDER!! No more sitting idly by, and let the world around us continue to dictate if THEY FEEL WE should or should not have the RIGHT to know - well US! The right to our own birth certificates!

We have decided that 2019 is going to be a year of changes. We are going to be focusing on raising awareness, and making our voices heard even LOUDER for equal rights for us, adoptees. With all the "movements" going on these days, I would be remiss if we didn't include ourselves in this revolutionary time frame. The time has definitely come for Open Records for all adoptees. We can no longer sit back. We need to add #AdopteeRightsMatter to the list, along with #MeToo and #BlackLivesMatter. Just as those grassroots movements are important to our society, #AdopteesRightsMatter is just as important, we too, need to be loud.

Let us stand together. Let us create a movement we can be strong in numbers as we have all so recently seen. Adoptees Rights Matter. We are excited to be partnering with different groups like Adoption Truth to work together towards this common goal. Together, we will make a difference for adoptees. Are you with us?!

We hope you will read our monthly news, and come back often to our website, Facebook page, and Instagram.​​ Have a wonderful, joyous holiday season, and we will see you in 2019!

-ARSS Team


We believe every adoptee has the right to their records and think it is beyond time that happens! Help us make the change and start the movement because every #adopteerightsmatter! Sign here and feel free to share the petition with your loved ones too-

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"The Perfect Genes"

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*RESOURCE* If you have not already checked American Adoption Congress's website out yet, you need to! It is an excellent tool to stay up to date on state status. Click here to view every state's status regarding adoption record rights.

Connecticut- SB530. Senator Steve Cassano, who is the moving force behind clean adoptee rights bills in Connecticut, has introduced a clean proposed bill along with 20 other senators. It would remove date-based restrictions in current law related to obtaining an OBC. Another proposed clean bill, SB343, has been filed by Senator George Logan and referred to committee, but it appears to be an identical proposal. Under Connecticut's legislative process, the committee may take several actions, including drafting the full text of the bill.

Iowa- SF126. This is a clean bill with a genuine contact preference form that does not affect the release of the OBC; the OBC is released upon request of the adult adoptee. It is being carried by Senator Brad Zaun, a Republican, and has been referred to the judiciary committee. A separate bill, HF137, addresses court adoption records and provides, among other provisions, for the release of adoption records upon filing an affidavit from an adult adoptee requesting the records. Finally, HF53 is one of the worst bills introduced in a while. While it purports to allow release of the OBC to adoptees who are at least 18 years of age, it uses a corrupt "contact preference form" as a required consent form for any adoptee who was adopted prior to July 1, 2019. If no contact preference form is filed for these adoptees, the original birth certificate remains sealed and unavailable. The corrupt contact preference form also allows a birth parent---no matter the date of adoption---to request redaction of the birthparent's information.

Massachusetts- HD.801/SD.1123. The same short and sweet bill (14 words long) that closes a date-based loophole in current Massachusetts law, eliminating the discriminatory restrictions that deny an unrestricted right to the OBC for adoptees who were adopted between 1974 and 2008.

New York- We need YOUR signature! Help New York adoptees regain unrestricted access to their original birth certificate Please sign regardless of the state you reside in and share! Every adoptee should be able to access THEIR records, let's make this happen for New York ARSS Community! Click here to help!!

Texas- Texas Adoptee Rights Coalition has submitted a clean bill draft in December 2018. More information regarding the bill can be found here.

Remember to make your voice heard!!!

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