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Is It December, Already?

It is truly amazing to me, to think December is halfway over, and soon we will be ushering in a brand new year!

There was so much that happened this past year, we have so much to be thankful and grateful for. I personally, am incredibly thankful for all those who have been an integral part of ARSS, and such an awesome support system. I would be remiss if I didn't mention all you, our readers who have made our year so very special. For those of you who put gifts on our "Best Genes" Giving Tree: Chris, Josh, Stephanie, Jasmine, Sierra, Nathalie, Bill, Nicole, Stewart, Katherine, Jen, Paul, Jessica, Shannon, John and of course our "secret donor" who matched us dollar for dollar in September. With all of your gifting support we have been able to pay forward with 6 Ancestry DNA kits, to more people than I thought we could have! So thank you from the bottom of my heart.

ARSS has, and always will be, a place where anyone in the Adoption Triad can come and have a safe space to interact with others who share their same journey, fears, joys, whatever. Our "Groups" have grown incredibly this year, and I truly think that we all need somewhere to go and somewhere we can feel the same, and not be judged. It's a true comfort and I am so glad so many are taking advantage of these groups.

This year too, lots of reunions and gatherings, some good and some not. The feeling among most adoptees is to embrace what we have in the relationships we make, and to not take guilt for others who don't share our goals. We have incorporated polls with questions, where we can truly see where our members are at and how they feel about issues. Social justice issues, as well as legislative issues. Our new "Dear Angel" column, is fantastic! Thank you Adrian for taking time each month to anwser the ARSS Community's questions. We have had a lot of positive input from that, and we hope to continue this in 2019. We continue to have pay it forward giveaways, thank you again to our gifters. And in December we introduced our own Etsy Store! Take a look for a couple of cute items, possible stocking stuffers!

A lot as I said, has been going on. Nevertheless on a more serious note, we also have gained a lot of momentum for our #adopteesrightsmatter petition, at If you haven't yet signed it, we urge you to do so. We feel that NOW, 2019, is going to be the time for us to truly make our voices heard. This issue of adoptees not haveing access to their own original birth certificates, has gone on for way too many years now. We need change. We are the

NEW Civil Rights Movement. We want to continue to make ground with fellow social media groups who support our agenda. To open all records for adoptees, and to let us enjoy the same civil liberties as all other non-adoptees. Let us be equals under the same Constitution. We are slaves to a third party contract! We say NO MORE. This is our time. Help us, help our community! We need to band together as adoptees, as birth parents and as adoptives parents, and as humans to one another, because like I said: #adopteesrightsmatter!

Have a safe and reflective holiday season!


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