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We can’t believe it is almost the end of 2018, but with that said, we also can’t believe how much we have accomplished in 2018!! NAAM was very much on our minds, this past month. We educated those who might have had misconceptions, regarding their true intentions. It sparked in us an effort we have undertaken to make the world understand that we ADOPTEES DO NOT have our own Civil Rights. Under our United States of Americas' own Declaration of Independence – does not apply. It says, and I partially quote “……..people have unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. We adoptees clearly do not. In the coming months, we will be focusing heavily on this topic, and many others. Thank you to all who have signed our Petition! If you have not signed yet, please sign here. Please continue in helping us spread the word, with using our hashtag and sharing the petition with your loved ones! #adopteesrightsmatter Also in this coming year, we will be focusing on our legislative actions and continuing to make our voices heard. We want every adoptee to have access to his/her own original birth certificate.

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We believe every adoptee has the right to their records and think it is beyond time that happens! Help us make the change and start the movement because every #adopteerightsmatter! Sign here and feel free to share the petition with your loved ones too-

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*RESOURCE* If you have not already checked American Adoption Congress's website out yet, you need to! It is an excellent tool to stay up to date on state status. Click here to view every state's status regarding adoption record rights.

New York- We need YOUR signature! Help New York adoptees regain unrestricted access to their original birth certificate Please sign regardless of the state you reside in and share! Every adoptee should be able to access THEIR records, let's make this happen for New York ARSS Community! Click here to help!! ​

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