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We hope you all enjoyed your last holiday of the summer, Labor Day. Our kids are now back in school! So, it’s a perfect time to sit back and enjoy catching up with ARSS!

August found us busy with welcoming our newest Angel Alyson to our team! All of our other Angels were busy with many DNA projects. One, in particular, we had been working on for a year, finally came to an end. We had a full sibling “match” for a DNA member - through the My Heritage platform. He uploaded his DNA from Ancestry, we would have never had known he had a full brother match, had he not! We know this works. We continue to try and complete all our searches in a timely manner, however, truth be told some are easier than others! Remember, if you have done your DNA, please upload your raw results to My Heritage, FamilyTreeDNA (FTDNA). I know some will rebuff me on this but……Maybe someone can invent a NEW database platform that we can all access, that holds everyone’s DNA??!!

If anyone hasn’t been to our website lately, we have a “new look” for our “new year”! It’s is very exciting for us to see the great changes and new additions. Go and visit!!

"Best Genes You'll Ever Wear" Program

In August, we appealed to you, our viewership, to help us with our “Best Genes You’ll Ever Wear” program. I have some exciting news. We have been contacted by an anonymous “gifter” with a pledge for us. During the month of September, they will match us dollar-for-dollar for any gifts received! We couldn’t have asked for better timing. Thank you to this specific gifter, our past gifters, and any of you who feel a contribution of aid is something you can provide!​ To give double, click here.

We hope you will read our monthly news, and come back often to our website, Facebook page, and Instagram.

-Cathy Thompson, ARSS Founder

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Interested in Sharing Your Story?

We welcome anyone who would like to share their own story of adoption, through your own words. Please let us know, and we will feature your story. Everyone’s story is important, and every story has something to offer for everyone. It is also a very cathartic way of expressing your fears, your search questions, or your approach to a new journey.

"The Perfect Genes"

Interested in helping a fellow adoptee on their DNA journey? Click here to help give them "the best pair of genes" they'll ever wear.


August 1, 2018 we saw Arkansas change their laws regarding how an adult adoptee may request and obtain an original birth certificate. A birth parent may also file a separate contact preference form at any time. Here at ARSS, we strongly feel that ANY change in a positive direction is a good change. Let’s keep on our congresspeople for MORE CHANGE in MORE STATES. There are only 9 unrestricted states in our union. That is horrible. We are not dogs, we are human beings, who didn’t choose to be adopted through a 3rd party contract! We deserve the RIGHT to know who we are and where we come from! ​Forms and information about the new law are now available on the Arkansas Department of Health website:

New York- We need YOUR signature! Help New York adoptees regain unrestricted access to their original birth certificate Please sign regardless of the state you reside in and share! Every adoptee should be able to access THEIR records, let's make this happen for New York ARSS Community! Click here to help!! ​

Remember to make your voice heard!!!

Interested in contacting us whether for help with your journey, a blog topic, question regarding your particular state's law, or anything at all. Don't hesitate to contact us.


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