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Dog Day's of Summer

Well, summer is finally coming to an end, although, most wouldn't think so. It's been a hot one this year *oh well*!!

Our mission here at ARSS, has always been focused on "finding family", adopted and birth. This has been my passion since my own adoption journey began, so many years ago. But as we change, so do our missions. We have so many more things to consider, resources to discover, tools to use, DNA to get through, instant conversations to have with everyone. I have to say - it has moved forward in a positive way and we are riding that wave! Through this change, we have committed ourselves to the Triad Community (everybody's included). It's a whole new world of information out there, we have our Facebook and Instagram account, and we are always interested in what new tool or news related update can come from social media. Through our website we try to keep the most up to date resources, support groups and books, and even state law websites that keep us up to date on upcoming legislation. I think our mission and our vision has been pretty clear. We want our clients and viewership to be involved in every way.

Of course, none of this could ever be achieved without the great support group I have surrounding me. DNA Angels, Mirror Tree Angels, Angels that can do it all. It all comes down to passion and volunteerism. Not many people these days will do anything for free. But, I am the luckiest adoptee/Founder around, who has a vast amount of support from the most passionate people I have ever worked with. This is how it all gets done!!

We do have to rely, however, on outside support too. We are a For Profit organization, who truly acts like a Non Profit! Come on....too much paperwork to be a Non-Profit! So therefore, we rely on "gifts". We created our "Best Genes You'll Ever Wear" - a pay it forward program - to be able to include a community who would otherwise not be able to continue their journey, without DNA. Our program does just that. With the gifts we have received thus far - we truly thank you! Without your generosity we wouldn't have been able to do the 4 DNA Kit give aways we have this year. We hope the future will bring us more "gifting" to allow us to help anyone under served, who may need a lift up. Weather it be: an Angels help, a DNA Kit, a resource, our website, a all boils down to commitment of the heart and a commitment of the pocket. That's just the plain truth. We want to keep up to date with the latest websites and databases, keep our shelves with DNA Kits ready to go, on them. Our Angel's do all they do - for free. They volunteer their own personal time and own personal resources. We are here for you!

Yes, this year so far, has been an incredible journey. Our website has morphed into a beautiful but also resourceful place to land for awhile. We have had some incredibly hard, long time coming DNA searches that have been completed. We keep moving forward, and we hope you continue to move forward with us. In this next year, I would like to see more interactive viewership. More ways for us all to communicate. More subjects to be discussed including mental health issues associated with relinquishment and adoption. I hope to have more guest bloggers, who will share their own journey's - offer tip suggestions - or teach something new to all of us. Just like a post we put on instagram lately "You Can't Cross the Sea Merely by Standing and Staring at The Water"! We all need to be involved. Let's do this!

If you've gotten to this part of my blog, thank you for reading. And thank you for being on this journey with us.


Your ARSS Founder, Cathy


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