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Happy Birth-Day .....To Us!!!

We are C E L E B R A T I N G!

July marks our one year ARSS Anniversary, or as I like to say - our Birth-Day! Yippeeee, hoooray!

This past year has been very exciting, to say the least. We have done so may great things it is almost impossible to list them all. But the most important things that stand out for me, are our very own, wonderful Angels!! Without these kind hearted, compassionate, smart people, we couldn't do what we do. From the goodness of their hearts - they volunteer their time to - search & re-search, they devour your DNA, and make matches happen, an enormous amount of records, they mend sad hearts, they heal, they comfort and they rejoice with all when a connection is made. I am so grateful for all these wonderful people! So a special shout out to: Nikkie, Lee, Anthony, Kandace and especially Jessica. Without her, I would be seriously lost.

Since last July, we have had over 50 finds. That is incredibly amazing. We have made connections on every part of the Triad, and in so many different states (we keep track on our websites "journey map"). Families have been found for Birth mothers finding their children, to adoptees finding their birth families, birth father's finding their children and even adopted moms finding their adopted children's birth families. Families finding families! It doesn't get any better than that. We are a "team" and together we will continue this challenge.

With that said, and with "team" in mind, we have created groups where anyone can feel safe in talking about their experiences, with other group members. We have launched new "Groups": our Adoptee Group, our Birth Mom's Group, and just recently our Birth Dad's group. Thank you to all of our members who have participated in these groups, and who have truly made a difference. Some times regular folk just don't "get us".

We have been able to connect with so many more people via our Facebook page and Instagram. Both platforms are used for connecting with others who share our vision, as well as our triumphs. This is also where our "Best Genes" program comes in to play as well. With the help of our community, and our very own members - we have been able to give away 6 (six) DNA Kits. Whohooooo! Our project is a pay it forward project that with the kindness of others, these "gifts" allows us to purchase DNA Kits and give them away - pay them forward - to those who qualify. This has been a wonderful program. We need it to grow so that we can continue to help your journey's, and hoping the whole world gets tested. Who knows, maybe if everyone tests, there will no longer be a reaso for closed records. I know, a big order, but hey, we can dream and we certainly have the will to try!! Soooooooo........

In light of it being our Birth-Day, we are giving away 2 (two) AncestryDNA kits! All you have to do is, "Like us on Facebook" and Share the GIVEAWAY post on your page! Let's get the world get tested one adoptee at a time!

So GET READY! 1....2....3.....enter. Winners will be announced July 19th!


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