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Wow! What a month. All the weather changes, good and bad. But hang in there, spring is just around the corner.

A question was asked on our Facebook page, which DNA company do you prefer? Based on what we have seen which is not much, is a draw between Ancestry DNA and 23AndMe. Each has their own uniqueness, so it depends on what the end user is looking for. Try them both. Most adoptees do try more than one company because it never hurts to share your DNA.

You know our main goal is to “pay it forward” and so far we have been able to do that with the kind gifts of some of our recent “finds”! Please include Adoption Reunion Registry in your own “pay it forward” gifting. We really appreciate it!! We hope you will read our monthly news, and come back often to our websiteand Facebook page.

-Cathy Thompson, ARSS Founder

Congratulations to our very first “Giving Genes” Giveaway winner, Janet. This was a huge success and we appreciate everyone’s participation. Thank you to the generous members who "paid it forward" and made this giveaway possible. Stay tuned on our Facebook page for our next "Giving Genes" Giveaway! ​

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Interested in Sharing Your Story?

We welcome anyone who would like to share their story of adoption, through your own words, please let us know. We will feature your story. Everyone’s story is important, no matter how much you may think it isn’t. Every story has something to offer for everyone. It’s also a very cathartic way of expressing your fears, your search questions, your approach to a new journey.

"The Perfect Genes"

Interested in helping a fellow adoptee on their journey? Click here to help give them "the perfect genes" they'll ever wear.


Arkansas- Effective date to request OBC is August 1, 2018 Indiana- Will expand access to identifying information---which should include the original birth certificate--- subject to birth parent disclosure vetoes and/ or redaction. Birth parents may also request disclosure vetoes/redaction to last beyond their deaths. The law takes effect on July 1, 2018. Florida- Unfortunately Florida did not advance in the house. This bill is dead Missouri- Bills have passed through two committees, birth parents are now allowed to request adoptees OBC with information redacted (let’s see how they like that). This is a very confusing Bill. New York- Has convened a “workgroup” to study the two NY Bills

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