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Happy New Year from ARSS!


Happy New Year! This month, we will be posting different ways one can help in the fight to open adoptees records. Please see below for more links to those resources. I am hoping through our own education - we at ARSS and you can get involved in trying to make every state an open records state. We will keep you updated and we will post any petitions needed to be signed in order to get every state to open their records. We will continue to help those who are struggling to find their own birth families and to hopefully connect families and build relationships that might never form. We will continually post ways for you to gain insight on your journey through adoption. Please refer back to our website for Search Tips. We also launched our "Giving Genes" program, to help those less fortunate in obtaining DNA Kits. Thank you to all who contributed, we truly appreciate your help. For whatever "Floats your Boat" when it comes to adoption. Either Adoption Reform, Legislation, Search, or DNA, let's all make a commitment to help "Pay it Forward" in the year ahead and help make a difference for all of us in the Adoption Triad.

We hope you will read our monthly news, and come back often to our websiteand Facebook page.

-Cathy Thompson, ARSS Founder

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Interested in Sharing Your Story?

We welcome anyone who would like to share their story of adoption, through your own words, please let us know. We will feature your story. Everyone’s story is important, no matter how much you may think it isn’t. Every story has something to offer for everyone. It’s also a very cathartic way of expressing your fears, your search questions, your approach to a new journey.

"The Perfect Genes"

Interested in helping a fellow adoptee on their journey? Click here to help give them "the perfect genes" they'll ever wear.


The Fight in Opening Adoptee Records

We continually monitor the sites that help with Adoption Reform, like American Adoption Congress, which is an International organization on all sides of the triad,

New York

There was an update regarding New York and their Open Records. Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has vetoed bill A5036-B / S4845-B. This is great news!! Please go to and sign the petition!! This is for ALL of us and our civil rights.

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