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Happy Holidays? Adoptees, Not So Much

Happy Holidays? Adoptees, Not So Much

No, but really, my team and I want to wish all of you a very Happy Holiday season. We wouldn't be human if we didn't.

This time of year, as all other times of the year, makes us adoptees a little more reflective. Now, I truly don't mean to go "bah humbug" on your holiday, but it is true. We adoptees still deal with our past, even as some of us have reunited, we still live there, because our past is our present. Our birth families are ever present in our lives, no matter what our amended birth certificates say, even IF most of the states in our union wish that wasn't the case. That one piece of paper doesn't eliminate relatives, no matter how much some wish it did. The truth about adoption, is that we are forever and always on a journey of reconciliation. It's impossible to sever the two. Take myself for example. I found my birth family 17 years ago, and to this day I still do genealogy every day, to discover more of my past and heritage.

During this holiday season let's think of the adoptees and their birth mother's who wonder where their children are. Even wishing more on that Christmas star to be found, most of the time. I say that caveat, because as all things in life, not everyone thinks, or feels the same. To them I do say, to each his own.

What if, this holiday season, we were to all think about "giving" those in need of emotional healing, and health - a way to try and find their families? If all adoptees took a DNA test, then maybe we could eradicate closed birth records. It's a possibility, but it takes a village...yah know?

We have undertaken a "pay it forward" program, so that many more kits can be given to those less fortunate, the "Gift of Genes". With your help, we can afford to reach many more adoptees, then we ever could alone. This holiday season, please take a moment and think about those who are still struggling to find their roots. Let's give them a gift of "the best pair of genes" they'll ever wear!

We wish you all your continued pursuit of "you", and the gift of answers in the New Year!!

Happy Holidays!!


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