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What Has Non-Id Done For You Lately?

Well, if you are like most adoptees, you might not know what non-id is (non-identifying information). The states and courts - for sure - don't make that part of the adoptee package. So like all things adopted, we have to know and figure out how to get it. If you are unfamiliar with this sometimes very useful information, this is what non-id is. Non-id is what your birth mother fills out (usually in a form), when she is in the process of the adoption . The form asks questions about herself: her health history, her education, occupation, her hair and eye color, and even her hobbies. It would also typically include the biological grandparents, and the same non-identifying information ie: their education, health histories, occupations etc. Sometimes some non-id's will even give siblings the birth mother might have, and also if she is/was married/divorced, or has had any other children. It also explains (whatever the birth mother is willing to give), information about the birth father. We have seen may non-id's that have lots of information regarding the birth father, and others may not include any information. It truly depends on the relationship the two had and how the info is reported. If we were to get all that information, that would be considered a 'jackpot' in our adoption world!!

And that positive message, brings me to the let down. Some non-id is not as detailed as others. And if you have not received your non-id before, sometimes is it worth re-applying for. We just had a case, where the birth mother and the adoptee, lived in a 'restricted state', the adoptees birth state. The birth mother was contacted, and on finding her she explained she still did not want contact. Of course and understandably, this was devastating to the adoptee. But, Catholic Charities did the right thing, and had the bio mom fill out the non-id again! This time, when our adoptee received her letter, it had different information then the first time. It gave her what her parents died from, what her 'other' children's ages were. There was more information in the second try then the first!! Thank goodness! Everything included were all really good clues, and will really enable us/you to conduct a more up to date search!!!

So the moral to this blog is - If it's been awhile, and you haven't made headway in your search....try for your non-id again! You never know what you will get the second time around. Happy Hunting!!

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