First Family Members, Where to Start?

Please be sure that as you begin your search, that your child is over the age of 18. It is illegal to initiate a search if they are not.


Check with the state & county of relinquishment to see if they have a Mutual Consent Registry, if so register immediately.


Please send a Waiver of Confidentiality and have that placed in your child’s file. You will want to keep your contact information current just in case your child contacts the court.


Keep current with your relinquished state adoption laws, and keep yourself up to date as new items could have changed.


Gather any information about the birth and adoption you can recall and remember sometimes the little details make all the difference. If your child was placed into foster care, see if you have any name or address information. This could be a good trail, to begin with.


If your child was relinquished at an older age, their name may not have changed. Please keep that in mind while initiating your search.


Ask the court for the adopted parents' Non-Id (non-identifying information). This is legal for you to have, just as it is legal for an adoptee to have as well of the first parents.


Register with ISRR (International Soundex Registry) you can find this registry online, it's 100% free you just have to print out the form and mail it in. Also, register with G’s Adoption Registry at

First Contact

Need a guideline/reference in where to start when first reaching out to the adoptee for the first time? Click here to view our guidelines in figuring where and how to get started. You are not alone, we are here if you need someone along this journey with you! 


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